Saturday, 20 February 2021

Ash Ellis Matchmove Artist at Worldwide FX

Ash Ellis
Many congratulations to Escapee Ash Ellis, who is working as a Matchmove Artist at London VFX house Worldwide FX.

Ash studied animation and VFX at Escape Studios, and then became a Studio Assistant, helping to teach a new generation of digital artists at Escape Studios.  Ash was a also a regular tutor in the animation classroom, teaching animation "taster days" for prospective students, and also teaching "lighting for animators" for our 2nd year animation undergraduates.

After leaving Escape Studios, Ash initially became a technical animator at London-based VFX house MPC.

Matchmove is a key part of the VFX pipeline, involving the tracking of live action plates, preparing them for animation. Matchmove is a skilled job that employs traditional animation skills - and also technical skills - as part of the overall 3D pipeline.

Worldwide FX
Worldwide FX
London VFX house Worldwide FX
 is responsible for a number of VFX hits, including Hellboy, Angel Has Fallen and Rambo: Last Blood

Ash Ellis at Escape Studios
While working at Escape Studios, Ash also taught classes at our Saturday Club, and also taught at Access VFX.

Ash Ellis Demo Reel
To see some of Ash's work, watch the video below:

Ash Ellis - Showreel 2019 *Updated* from Ash Ellis on Vimeo.

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