Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Ash Ellis Technical Animator at MPC

Ash Ellis
Many congratulations to Ash Ellis, who has recently landed a job as a Technical Animator at MPC.

Ash studied animation and VFX at Escape Studios, and then became a Studio Assistant, helping to teach new students at Escape Studios.

Ash was a also a regular tutor in the animation classroom, teaching animation "taster days" for prospective students, and also teaching "lighting for animators" for our 2nd year animation undergraduates.

We're delighted to congratulate Ash on his new job at one of the UK's leading animation houses.

Technical Animator
Technical animation includes a variety on non-traditional animation roles, such as hair, fur, and the interactions with the 3D characters and their environments. It can also include rigs and muscle systems.

Being a technical animator is a highly skilled job that employs traditional animation skills - and also technical skills - as part of the overall 3D pipeline.

As well as working at Escape Studios, Ash also taught classes at our Saturday Club, and also taught at Access VFX.

We're delighted to wish Ash the very best in his chosen career. To see some of his excellent work, watch the video below:

Ash Ellis - Showreel 2019 *Updated* from Ash Ellis on Vimeo.

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