Sunday, 16 January 2022

Creating Content Webinar with British Council

"Garbage Boy and Trash Can"
Escape Studios, Animation UK, and the British Council are teaming up for an "Introduction to Content Development" webinar on Monday 24 January at 10am, discussing ways in which animation studios in Nigeria can create their own unique content and characters.

In the past two decades the animation industry has gone from being a small cottage industry to a global powerhouse, driven by advances in technology and also a huge increase in content creation.  The Nigerian animation business is a growing part of this landscape

In this webinar, made possible by the British Council, we'll be looking at the ways in which African startup studios can create their own unique content and characters and turn these into business opportunities. 

Saturday, 15 January 2022

Alma Best Prod'n Design (Hon Mention) TIMFF

Alma Wins Best Prod'n Design
Congratulations to the makers of "Alma", which has won an Honourable Mention for "Best Production Design" at the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIMFF).

Alma has won many festival awards.  

Friday, 14 January 2022

Moon Rockz Wins Best Sci-Fi at Art Awards

"Moon Rockz" wins Best Sci-Fi at the Art Film Awards
Congratulations to the makers of "Moon Rockz", a short Sci-Fi comedy written and directed by Molly Babington, and produced by Stevie Stedman, which has won Best Sci-Fi at the Art Film Awards.

"Moon Rockz" tells the story of the moon landings - from the point of view of the moon.  The film has won many festival awards.

Thursday, 13 January 2022

Iliana Franklin Teaches Storyboards 17th Jan

Iliana Franklin
Escape Studios' Head of Story Iliana Franklin is back on Monday morning to teach "Storyboarding for Animators" to our Second Year animation students.

Iliana teaches our master's degree in Storyboarding and Previsualisation, and also runs her own production company Mediaframe.

Iliana's class starts on Monday 17th January and will help our animation students learn the art and craft of storyboarding, a necessary part of the film-making process and a vital skill as our students get ready for their 2nd year studio projects.

"Slushy" Wins Best VFX in Tokyo Film Fest

Congratulations to the creators of "Slushy", which has won Best VFX at the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIMFF). 

Directed by Callum Wylie and produced by Jess Hiles"Slushy" is a short animated film about two frozen soft drinks who get separated and have to find a way back to their fridge-freezer home.

Slushy was created as part of a Studio Project in which animation and vfx students join forces to create a short film. 

Slushy has won multiple festival awards.

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Birds Connect Our World Wins GNIFF Award

Birds Connect Our World wins Best Environmental Short
We're proud to congratulate the makers of the short film "Birds Connect Our World", written, directed and animated by Escapee Wing Lan Lilian Fu, which has won an award for "Best Environmentally Conscious Narrative Short" at the Golden Nugget International Film Festival in London.

Birds Connect Our World was animated in Toonboom Harmony; this is its first festival award.

Meet "Russell"

Russell | Student Short Film - Escape Studios from Russell - Short Film on Vimeo.

Meet Russell, a new short VFX film created by students at Escape Studios.  Russell was written by Scott Middleton and Liam Martin, directed by Scott Middleton and produced by Gary Roche.  Russell tells the story of a curious hedgehog who dreams of taking to the skies. Russell is currently being entered into film festivals. 

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Golden Acorn Wins Best Trailer at Art Awards

"Golden Acorn" wins Best Trailer at Art Film Awards
Many congratulations to the makers of "The Golden Acorn", which has won an award for Best Trailer at the Art Film Awards.

"The Golden Acorn" is a movie trailer completed by 2nd year undergraduate Escape Studios Animation students, written & directed by Maciej Osuch, edited & produced by Miguel Teixeira

In The Golden Acorn a detective duo team up in NutTown to defeat an evil squirrel crime boss, and foil his nutty plans.

Monday, 10 January 2022

Introducing "Shimmer"

Introducing "Shimmer", a new vfx short film created by students at Escape Studios. "Shimmer" was directed by Will Moss and produced by Aidan Callaghan, and tells the story of two glass figurines which come to life.  Cinematography was by DOP Clement Gharini.   It was created by our 3rd year animation and VFX students as part of a studio project, in which students collaborate to produce a short film. 

Mafia "Best 1st Time Director" (Hon Mention)

"Mafia Mix-Up" wins Best First Time Director
Congratulations to the makers of "Mafia Mix-Up", which has won an Honourable Mention in the category of Best First-Time Director at the Art Film Awards.

Mafia Mix-Up was written and directed by Jake Lee, and produced by Emmanouil "Manos" Zervoudakis

This is the third festival award for Mafia Mix-Up.

Sunday, 9 January 2022

Malloe Best Production Design in Athens

Mallow Best Production Design in Athens
Congratulations to the makers of "Malloe", which has won Best Production Design at the Athens International Film Festival (AIMAFF).

"Malloe" is a short film about two children who find a very unusual creature - one that is very fond of marshmallows. 

"Malloe" was directed by Eilin Berrio Pena, edited by Ross Green, and produced by Nickoel Izharudin.  Production Design was by Paloma Zhu.

"Malloe" was produced by our 3rd year animation students, working together as a team to produce the film.  It has won many festival awards. 

Saturday, 8 January 2022

Steve Lall Teaches MoCap Tuesday 11 Jan

Motion Capture with Steven Lall
We're delighted to welcome back Escape Studios' Studio Assistant and occasional tutor Steven Lall, who will teach a class in Motion Capture Animation to our Second Year animation students at Escape Studios on Tuesday afternoon.  

Our second year students are tackling CR5001,  the Animation Specialism module, in which students begin to focus on one particular skillset within the animation pipeline.

Friday, 7 January 2022

Quarantine Chorus Best Animated Film of 2021

Quarantine Chorus "Best Animated Film of the Year"
Many congratulations to the makers of "Quarantine Chorus", which has won "Best Animated Film of the Year" at the Dreamachine International Film Festival.  

This is the latest of many festival awards for Quarantine Chorus, a short story about life under Lockdown in a small town in Italy.  

The film was directed by Edoardo Sartori, produced by Nickoel Izharudin and edited by Paloma Zhu; it was based on an original idea by Tequila Mason

Steve Burch's "Golden Ticket" on Monday

Escape Studios is welcoming back veteran animation producer Steve Burch on Monday 10th January, for a "Golden Ticket" - an introduction to the mysterious world of Producing Animation.

Steve, has worked on multiple animation classics including The Iron Giant, Space Jam, and Osmosis Jones, and will deliver a workshop on "Producing Animation" to our second year animators.

Thursday, 6 January 2022

Giada Carnevaletti Animator at MPC

Giada Carnevaletti
Congratulations to Escapee Giada Carnevaletti who has started work as an animator at global VFX powerhouse MPC. 

MPC is one of the UK's longest-established VFX and animation houses; responsible for hits such as The Lion King and The Jungle Book

While at Escape Studios, Giada worked on two award-winning films: CandleWick and Moon Rockz, both of which have enjoyed considerable festival success.  Giada also worked at Escape Studios as a Studio Assistant.

Meet "Sweet Heart"

Sweet Heart | Short Film from Manos Zervoudakis on Vimeo.

Meet "Sweet Heart", a short VFX film created by students at Escape Studios. "Sweet Heart" was directed by Liam Mann, co-directed by Shenaaz Suliman, and produced by Emmanouil "Manos" Zervoudakis.  "Sweet Heart" tells the story of two cake figurines who fall in love - with a twist.

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Character & Creature Creation Starts 15 Feb

Design by Max Brazier Jones
We're delighted to announce the return of our new short course in Character and Creature Creation on 15 February 2022.

This new 12 week course in Character & Creature Creation - first launched in September 2021 - is all about designing, modeling, and rigging your own characters.  

Students learn all the stages of character creation from design through to final render.  

Punch Double Win at Florida Shorts Film Fest

Punch Double Winner at Florida Shorts Film Festival
Congratulations to the makers of "Punch", an animated short film created at Escape Studios, which has won two awards at the Florida Shorts Film Festival: Best Male Director and also Best Composer.

"Punch" was written and directed by Niccolo Smaldone, and produced by Stevie Stedman.  The original score was composed by Stuart Bramwell

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

March of the Potguins Hon Mention Best VFX

MOTP wins Hon. Mention for Best VFX at LIMFF
Congratulations to the makers of March of the Potguins, directed by Michael Vodden and produced by Daniel Brooks, which has won an Honourable Mention in the category of Best VFX at the London International Film Festival (LIMFF).

March of the Potguins is about two penguin salt & pepper pots who embark on an epic journey across the kitchen counter top.  It has won a number of festival awards. 

Monday, 3 January 2022

3D Anim Evening Class Starts 5 April 2022

Dragon animation by Shauna Ludgate
Our 20 week part-time evening class in 3D Animation  returns on Tuesday 5 April 2022.

This online class runs for 20 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 7-10pm, and is taught by veteran animator Matteo Sanna, currently working at WETA digital.

The course starts with animation fundamentals and builds up to complex actions and performances, and a professional level demo reel.