Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Adam & Eve Mk II Wins ICONA Audience Award

Audience Distinction Award for Adam & Eve Mk II
Many congratulations to Escapee Sebastian Kuder, director of Adam & Eve Mk II, which has won the Audience award at the ICONA film festival in the Best Student Short Film category.

The ICONA festival takes place annually on the island of Corfu.

Sebastian's award represents the latest in a long line of wins for student films at Escape Studios.

Adam & Eve Mk II
Adam & Eve: Mk II is a sci-fi re-telling of the Genesis story, written and directed by Sebastian Kuder, who has directed and animated a number of short films at Escape Studios over the last three years, including Planet Mars and The Good Old Days.

Sebastian Kuder
Sebastian graduated from Escape Studios this past summer, and is now working as a Previs artist at the 3rd Floor, where he is successfully utilising his skills as a cinematographer, and his knowledge of the Unreal Engine pipeline.

Sebastian Kuder
While at Escape Studios, Sebastian was a prolific film-maker; his short mockumentary film Planet Mars, made during his second year of studies at Escape Studios, has made the official selection for many animation festivals around the world.  

Adam & Eve Mk II is a sci-fi re-telling of the Genesis story, and was Sebastian's final project at Escape Studios.

Adam & Eve Mk II has made the official selection for many international festivals and, just this morning, was nominated for the Best Animation award at the National Student Film Festival on November 15-16th.

Adam and Eve Mk. II
Adam and Eve Mk. II is a modern re-telling of the Biblical origins story, set in a post-apocalyptic world in which human memories are uploaded into the artificial brain of a humanoid robot.

The short film was created as part of Sebastian's final year project at Escape Studios, and it is his last project completed as an undergraduate student. 

Inspiration for Adam & Eve Mk II
Adam and Eve Mk.II takes inspiration from the so-called "ImmortalityDrive" - a large memory device which was taken to the International Space Station in a Soyuz spacecraft on October 12, 2008.

The Immortality Drive contains fully digitized DNA sequences of a select group of humans; with the intention being to preserve human DNA in a time capsule, in case some global cataclysm should occur on Earth.   

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home, directed by Maria Robertson, won the award for Best Student Animation at the 2019 British Animation Film Festival.  It was also shortlisted for a student BAFTA, and participated in the 63rd BFI London Film Festival, as part of the Family Short Film Programme.

Other award-winning films at Escape Studios include Minuet, our most ambitious short film to date. Directed by Aaron Hopwood and Harry Pearson, Minuet, won awards for Best Animation in the 2019 Zero Budget Film Festival and Best Animation in the Golden Nugget International Film Festival.

Jericho, a short film about a lonely robot searching for a friend. was directed by Sarah Andrews and completed by our third year undergraduate animation studentsJericho won Best Animation at the Melrose Film Festival in Orlando, Florida, was shortlisted for a student BAFTA, and won Best Animation and Best VFX at the 2019 Nexus Film Festival. It also won an award in the 2019 Zero Budget Film Festival. 

Miguel Teixera, Maciej Osuch and Titi-Marion Giusca
Golden Acorn
The Golden Acorn, directed by Maciej Osuch, and completed by our second year animators, won the Best Teaser/Trailer at the 2019 Golden Nugget International Film Festival.

Vivi Ossa
Vivi Ossa, completed by 3rd year undergraduate animation students, was also an award winner in this year's Zero Budget Film Festival.

To see more work by Sebastian Kuder, follow this link.

To see other award-winning films by students at Escape Studios, follow this link

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