Thursday, 27 June 2019

Introducing Minuet

Minuet - Final year animated short film - Escape Studios from Aaron Hopwood on Vimeo.

We're delighted to present Minuet - the latest film from our third year animation students. Minuet is a short film about a young concert pianist who, while preparing for her next performance, encounters misfortune - and finds help in an unlikely place.  Minuet was written by Harry Pearson, directed by Aaron Hopwood and Harry Pearson, produced by Maddison Gould, and overseen by 3rd year animation tutor Michael Davies.

With a running time of 5 minutes and 46 seconds, Minuet is our most ambitious short film to date. Overseen by third year animation tutor Michael Davies, and directed by Aaron Hopwood and Harry Pearson, the project was animated in Maya, and rendered in Unreal Engine.

Minuet was developed from a pitch by Harry Pearson, and was completed as part of our third year undergraduate animation students' final year Studio Project, in which students collaborate to work together as a team.

Our team projects at Escape Studios simulate the kind of work environment students will encounter in a commercial studio, dividing tasks, meeting deadlines, and dealing with feedback and notes. 

  • Aaron Hopwood – Director, Sound, Animation, Modelling and Texturing
  • Harry Pearson – Director, Animation, Cinematography and Layout, Lead Realtime TD
  • Maddison Gould – Producer, Animation
  • Katerina Zacharakis – Editor, Animation
  • Sarah Andrews – Storyboard Artist, Sound, Additional Art, Animation
  • Stephen Mealand - Storyboard Artist, Animation, Realtime TD
  • Sebastian Kuder – Cinematography and Layout, Realtime TD
  • Andriana Fouya – Storyboard Artist, Additional Art, Animation, Modelling and Texturing
  • Martina Baburkova – Additional Art, Modelling and Texturing
  • Velvet Brandon – Animation, Modelling and Texturing, Realtime TD
  • Daniel Baidoo – Animation
  • Ama Collins – Animation
  • Emily Lim Sarrias – Animation, Rigging, Modelling and Texturing
  • Daniel Dutton – Animation, Realtime TD
  • Piotr Noworyta – Animation
  • Maria Robertson – Animation
  • Adam Scrivener – Animation
  • Nicole Gonzalez – Modelling and Texturing
  • Alexandra Harwood - Music 
You can see Minuet at the IMDB here.

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