Saturday, 14 December 2019

Meet Qube - Escape Studios Render Farm

Qube, our new render farm at Escape Studios is now up and running.

For large render jobs, which might take many hours or even days to complete, students can now access the farm.

To see the details of how to use the Qube render farm, follow this link.

Escape Studios Renderfarm
A render farm
The Renderfarm works with Maya and Nuke, and to use it you must be logged in Linux.   This means that your render jobs must first be optimised for Linux.

Non-Linux users shouldn't be put off; Linux works in a very similar way to Windows; it just takes a little time to get used to it.

Go to Escape/Shares/UG and you will find everything you need in the U Drive, under U:\ug_DEV\renderFarm.  IT recommends using Maya 2018 for now, as it is still more stable than Maya 2019. 

Prepare your scenes for Linux
IT recommend that scenes are prepared in Windows for Linux.  It should work successfully with referenced files, but these will need to be pointing at a Linux directory.  Alternatively, your referenced file can be converted to a non-referenced file prior to render.

Common errors
Don't try to make a render from your personal hard drive. You must run the system from the main drive. 

Detail on Qube
To see how in detail to use Qube successfully, follow this link.


Below is a link to further documentation on Qube

If the scene is failing, the method in the link below is harder to set up, but once honed, much more reliable:

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