Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Sebastian Kuder PreVis Artist at The 3rd Floor

Sebastian Kuder
Many congratulations to Sebastian Kuder, an undergraduate animation student who is part of the first cohort of animators to graduate from Escape Studios this summer, who has just started a new position as a Junior Previs Artist at The Third Floor.

The 3rd Floor is one of a number of animation VFX houses that specialise in previsualisation ("previs") in which digital artists work closely with the director to lock down the look and feel of individual sequences on a project, working fast to make creative choices on camera and character performance.

Sebastian Kuder

Sebastian got the job at The Third Floor based on the strength of his demo reel and then a follow up interview.

Sebastian directed and animated a number of successful short films at Escape Studios over the last three years.

In his first year he worked over the summer to complete his fan film Star Wars - the Escape,  a six minute tribute to the Star Wars franchise.

Later, in his second year, Sebastian directed two group projects, Assassin's Creed and Planet Mars; the latter has made the official selection for many animation festivals around the world.  

Most recently, Sebastian completed Adam & Eve Mk II, which was his final project at Escape Studios and is currently being entered into film festivals.

Sebastian's new job at the 3rd Floor is a perfect fit for his animation and cinematographic skills, and he also brings to his new employers a thorough knowledge of the Unreal Engine pipeline, which is being rolled out across the sector as studios take advantage of the growing possibilities of real-time rendering. 

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