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PR6001 Studio Project Starts 20 Sept 2021

Award-winning Kiwi's Dream
Our third year animation students will soon be welcomed back to our High Holborn Campus, as we return to in-classroom teaching.  

Their first module is PR6001, The Studio Project (worth 60 Credits) which runs for the whole academic year.  It is a group module in which our animation students work together in teams to create short films - often winning festival awards.

Students collaborate to work together to a defined brief, designed as closely as possible to simulate working on a live client project. 

The Studio Project Module is broken up into two projects; the first is the VFX Project.  To see some fine examples of award-winning VFX Project work, check out Kiwi's Dream, BoxBots, Little Gestures,  Home Sweet Home and Jerich0.

Studio Project 1: VFX project. 
In this group project, which starts on 20 September, animation students work alongside VFX students, both 3D and 2D, to create professional-quality 3D animation, such as the short film Jerich0 below, which has won multiple awards: it was selected for the BFI London Film Festival, and was also short-listed for a student BAFTA.

Jericho - VFX Short Film from Matthew Wight on Vimeo.
VFX Project - 10 Weeks
"Malloe" has won multiple awards
The VFX project runs for approximately 10 weeks, and the projects themselves are limited to 90 seconds in length. 

Studio Project 2: Unreal Engine Project - January 2022
Studio Project 2 - the Unreal Engine Project - starts in January 2022.  In the Unreal Engine Project, animation students create professional-quality game animation, using the Unreal Engine pipeline, which utilises real-time rendering. 

Unreal Engine Project - Real-Time Rendering
The future is Unreal
Rendering in real time has become a major priority for many of our industry partners, such as Blue Zoo, saving time in post-production and permitting resources to be more efficiently deployed elsewhere in the pipeline.

Malloe and Minuet
Successful Unreal Engine projects in recent years include Malloe and Minuet.  Both Malloe and Minuet have won multiple festival awards

Minuet - Final year animated short film - Escape Studios from Aaron Hopwood on Vimeo.

The third year of animation at Escape Studios focuses on students working together in teams to create original content, industry-quality work, to formal deadlines.

Tutor: Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison
The third year of animation at Escape Studios is overseen by our newest animation tutor Paul Harrison, a skilled 3D generalist with many years of experience of animation, teaching and training, and is also supported by specialist tutors to provide bespoke training where needed.

Vimeo Channel
In addition, students have access to our large and growing range of tutorials at our Vimeo Channel, allowing them to learn online and at their own convenience. 

How to Get Ready
To get ready for September, we recommend that our students think about their ideas and pitches over the summer. Once term starts, there isn't a lot of time to spitball ideas, write scripts, and storyboard your work.

So, we hope our students have used the time available over the summer to polish their pitches - so they can hit the ground running in this week.

More information
To see how undergraduate studies at Escape Studios are structured, follow the links below:

The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To find out more about our new BA/MArt, now recruiting for September 2021, follow this link.   To apply, visit the official page here.

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