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BA/MArt in Computer Anim Starts Sept 2021

Escape Studios' students at the BFI
Escape Studios is now taking applications for our BA/MArt in computer animation, recruiting for September 2021.

Applications are through UCAS, and you can find out more about the course at the official site here.

Our BA/MArt in animation was launched in 2015, and our first group of animation students graduated in 2019, going on to find jobs and success in the industry

Ross Burgess and Oz Gani from Framestore
BA/MArt in Computer Animation
Our BA/MArt focuses on computer animation, with a strong emphasis on teaching practical skills, such as character and creature animation.

Escape Method
We call our teaching method The Escape Method, which includes five pillars: intensive classroom tuition (we expect our students to attend daily), online support, constructive feedback, industry engagement, and group projects. All five pillars combine together to support our students in their careers in industry.

3D Animators at Escape Studios also learn pre-production skills such as design and storyboarding, and also learn the visual effects and games pipelines, so that all our animation graduates are job-ready by the end of the course.

A MA/MArt is an integrated Masters degree. That means you can stay with us for three years and earn a Batchelor of Arts (BA) or, if you stay on for an extra year, you will graduate with a Master of Arts (MArt).  We recommend that applicants apply up front for the full four years, because it's easier to get funding for the final master's year if you apply early.

University of Kent
Kent University is our validating partner, which is to say they award our degrees.  So, although you will study at Escape Studios in central London, you will receive a degree from the University of Kent. 

Course Tutors

The course is taught by myself and the other animation tutors at Escape Studios, including Michael Davies ("The Hobbit") and Amedeo Beretta ("Paul"), as well as many visiting tutors.  All of our tutors have industry experience and bring their understanding of industry techniques to the classroom.

Michael Davies teaches at Escape
Course Detail 

Year 1 - Level 4

1. CR4002 – Creative Foundations Craft (Movement & Narrative)
In this module students explore concepts of creativity, design, acting, storytelling, camera and composition. To find out more about this module, read this blog post.

2. PR4001 – Creative Foundations Project (2 week group project) This is the first group project - students work together to produce an animatic for a short animated project. To find out more about this module, read this blog post.

3. AN4001 – Animation 1
Students learn the basics of animation, including locomotion and mechanics. 
You can read more about what's in the first year of studies as Escape Studios here.

Jaguar animation by Francesco Nevi
Year Two - Level 5

1. AN5001 Computer Animation Pro
Here students learn character animation, acting and lipsync. To find out more about this module, read this blog post.

2. AN5002 Computer Animation Advanced
In this module students learn animal and creature animation. To find out more about this module, read this blog post.

3. CR5001-DF2CA Animation Specialism
In this module students focus of an area of specialism of their choice. To find out more about this module, read this blog post.

Planet Mars: 2nd year animation project
4. PR5001 Studio Project 
This is a group project, where students work together to produce their own short films. To find out more about this module, read this blog post.

To see more detail about what's in the second year of animation studies, follow this link.  

Year 3 - Level 6

1. CR6001 – Specialism
In this module students focus of an area of specialism of their choice, and produce a final portfolio of work, to prepare them for industry.

2. PR6001 – Studio Project 
In this module students collaborate together to produce group work, aiming for studio-level quality. Our students have worked on multiple award winning films, such as Home Sweet Home, Jericho, Vivi Ossa, Adam & Eve Mk II, Minuet, and Golden Acorn.

3. PS6003 – Professional Practice
In this module students focus on business skills, working on their CV, doing research, and preparing themselves for the job market.

Amedeo Beretta
Year 4 - Level 7

1. CR7001 Art and Design 

2. CR7002 Craft 

3. CR7003 Process

4. CR7004 Business
This module explores the business of animation, including how to work as a freelancer, how to set up limited companies, and how to develop your own business. 

To see more detail on what is involved at Level 7 (year 4), follow this link.

The state of the industry
Animation has grown from a small cottage craft industry into a global business.  Animation is everywhere; in movies, TV shows, phone apps, and the web.  Our animators go on to work in all parts of the business, both in the UK and overseas.

Success Stories
We pride ourselves on prioritising the employability of our students and focusing on making them job-ready.  At the latest count, we have around 4,000 Escapees working in the animation and VFX industry.  To see some recent Success Stories, follow this link.
The Animator's Survival Kit: The animation bible

Official Course page
To see the official course page, follow this link.

Reading list
To see our reading list, follow this link.

Portfolio Guidelines
To see our portfolio guidelines, see this post.

Creative Workshops
We will expect all our prospective students to attend a Creative Workshop, where we can see your work and get to know you. More information can be found here

We train animators from scratch
We will teach you everything need to know from scratch. But we do recommend doing one or two online tutorials just to see if 3D animation is for you.  Why not try this free tutorial here

Central London location
All our BA/MArt students study at Escape Studios both online and in central London, at 190 High Holborn.

Official page
The official course page can be found here.

More information
To see how undergraduate studies at Escape Studios are structured, follow the links below:
The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To find out more about our new BA/MArt, now recruiting for September 2021,  follow this link.   To apply, visit the offical page here.

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