Thursday, 30 May 2019

Introducing "Vivi Ossa"

Vivi Ossa from piraveen satkunam on Vimeo.

Many congratulations to our third year VFX students on creating the excellent short film "Vivi Ossa". Vivi Ossa (Latin for "living bones") is a story about a museum visitor who brings ancient bones to life through the power of music. It's a very short film - only two shots - but as you watch it, note that the entire environment is digital; the students created the museum and all the objects inside it from scratch. Directed by Callum Walters and produced by Matthew Wight, Vivi Ossa brought together many craft disciplines, including CG, compositing, roto, prep, keying, integrating a live action character into a digital set and, of course, animation.

About Vivi Ossa
Vivi Ossa is a short film in which a museum visitor's love of music brings the museum to life in an unexpected way.

Vivi Ossa: Credits
  • Callum Walters: Director
  • Matthew Wight: Producer
  • Ellen Menezes: Museum visitor
  • Piraveen Satkunam: 3D lead artist
  • Harrison Workman: 3D artist
  • Ellen Menezes: 3D artist
  • Lucas Menezes: 3D artist
  • Callum Walters: 3D artist
  • James Cooper: 3D artist
  • Mitchell Searle: 2D lead artist
  • Matthew Wight: 2D artist
  • Harry Pearson: animation
  • Raphael Kennedy: Additional artwork
  • Angie Piedrahita: Additional artwork
  • Corey Birch: Additional artwork
  • Artenis Rukaj: Additional artwork
You can watch Vivi Ossa in full here at Vimeo.

You can see Vivi Ossa's IMDB page here.

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