Friday, 20 November 2020

Nefertiti "Most Alluring Animation" at ISAFF

"Most Alluring Animation" - Nefertiti
Congratulations to the makers of "Nefertiti" which has won an award for "Most Alluring Animation"at the International Student Animafantasia Film Festival 2020

"Nefertiti" is an animated action-adventure set in an ancient Egyptian tomb.  The film was directed by Eilin Berrio Pena, produced by Priya Shah, and edited by Jack Devereux.

To watch Nefertiti, see the video below; it's a little under two minutes long. 

Nefertiti from Priya Shah on Vimeo.

Nefertiti was created by our second year animation students, working on Studio Module PR5001, in which they collaborate together on short film projects.  Six students created the short film "Nefertiti", an animated action-adventure set in a mysterious ancient Egyptian tomb. The film was animated in Maya, rendered in Arnold, and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.  Directed by Eilin Berrio Pena, and Produced by Priya Shah, the film was edited by Jack Devereux, and was completed entirely from home during the Covid Pandemic.


In "Nefertiti", an explorer finds the entrance to an ancient Egyptian tomb, in search of a mythical treasure. Once inside the tomb, she gets rather more than she bargained for.

Pitch and Concept
The story and initial pitch was created by writer and director Eilin Berrio Pena, pitching her project to the other second year animation students, who voted on the three most promising projects to take forwards.

Later, the team drew storyboards to develop the story further, and then did a 3D Layout pass to lock down the camerawork and cinematography.

The project was completed during the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 crisis. The team worked entirely from home, completing the project using their personal equipment.

Rendering was done in Arnold, overseen by Lighting and CG Supervisor Priya Shah.

Still image from "Nefertiti"

Official site
You can see more about "Nefertiti" at the official site, and at the IMDB.

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