Sunday, 17 January 2021

Angie Cajigas VFX Coordinator at Cinesite

Congratulations to Escapee Angie Piedrahita Cajigas who is currently working as a Visual Effects Coordinator at Cinesite in London.

Angie was one of our first undergraduate students at Escape Studios, and we are delighted that she has joined one of London's leading visual effects houses.

Cinesite's work includes many VFX blockbusters such as the Harry Potter Series, His Dark Materials, and World War Z.

The production co-ordinator role is an entry level position which often leads to opportunities for producing. 
Producing VFX
VFX Production is an important and growing part of the industry, a project management role which leads to film production and even studio management roles. VFX Producers must have a full understanding of the animation and VFX pipeline, something that all of our students are well prepared for at Escape Studios, because of our focus on group project work, especially the VFX projects that all our students tackle in their final year

Production Roles in Animation & VFX
Lydia Layton

Angie joins a growing number of Escapees have gone to fill animation production roles in recent months. 

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