Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Lydia Layton Prod'n Co-ordinator at 2 Sides TV

Lydia Layton
Many congratulations to Escapee Lydia Layton, who is working as Production Co-ordinator at 2 Sides TV.

Lydia took our intensive 12 week class in 3D animation at Escape Studios, and has since developed a flourishing career as a producer of animated content.

Lydia's career is an example of how careers in the creative industries aren't always linear, and the challenging role of animation producer is a fascinating career path in its own right.

Production Co-ordinator at 2 Sides TV
Lydia works as a Production Co-ordinator at the UK production house 2 Sides TV, a twice BAFTA-nominated production company which has been making children's programmes since 1995.

Lydia has developed and coordinated multiple projects for distributors such as Sky, BBC, Viacom (Channel 5), and Turner.

Lydia also manages the 25 year back catalogue of programmes, and digitised and delivered five series to VOD platforms, including Google Play, YouTube, iTunes and Amazon Video.

Lydia has also led proposals on six projects; produced ideas, written bibles, created artwork, and pitched projects to the BBC, Viacom, Channel 5, Nickelodeon and Sony.

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