Monday, 27 January 2020

Duncan Guymer Producer at Sliced Bread

Duncan Guymer - Studio Assistant at Escape Studios
Many congratulations to Escapee Duncan Guymer, who has recently started a new job as a production assistant at Sliced Bread Animation in London.

Duncan took our evening class in 3D animation, and soon joined us as a studio assistant, helping to teach our short course animation students.

Duncan quickly mastered the art and craft of animation, and made particularly effective use of our online resources, especially the Vimeo channel to which all our students and Escapees have access.

Sliced Bread Animation
Sliced Bread is a multi-award-winning animation studio based in London, working for a wide variety of clients, including Sony, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Unilever.

Sliced Bread produce "high-impact, bespoke animations and applications for marketing and corporate communications, including virtual and augmented reality projects."

You can read more about Sliced Bread Animation, and their recent visit to Escape Studios, in this blog post

Commercials director
Duncan also brought his considerable considerable experience as a commercials director, having directed many advertisments - including this one for garden equipment below. Duncan has a sound understanding of visual narrative, storytelling, shot continuity and cinematography, all of which are important parts of the animator's toolkit.

Stihl-Magic Commercial - Director from Duncan Guymer on Vimeo.

Duncan Guymer - No 12 in Eleven Second Club
Duncan's animation "Roadkill" placed in the top twelve in the October 11 Second Club; a competition in which hundreds of animators around the world take part; many of whom are professionals working in the field.

Studio Assistant
Duncan joined our team in 2019 as a studio assistant, helping the animators taking our 12 week short course and MA animation course to progress in their work, helping to solve technical problems and also offer practical advice on animation techniques.

Olivia Unwin - production assistant at Framestore
Escapees in Production Roles
Duncan joins a number of Escapees have gone to fill animation production roles in recent months. These include:
We'll miss Duncan at Escape Studios - but wish him well on his new adventure. 

The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To apply for our new BA/MArt starting in September 2020, follow this link.

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