Tuesday, 20 September 2022

"Stellar Rescue" Wins "Best Production" at HEI Fest

The Stellar Rescue Best Production at the HEI Festival
Congratulations to the makers of "The Stellar Rescue", which has won an award for Best Production at the HEI Festival.

"The Stellar Rescue" was written and directed by Anthony Sarmiento, and produced by Wiktoria Swierk.  It was created as part of a group project by second-year animation students, working together as a team. 

The Stellar Rescue tells the story of a young boy who must rescue a fallen baby star and return it to its parents.

Stellar Rescue
You can watch The Stellar Rescue below:

"Stellar Rescue"
"Stellar Rescue" tells the story of a young boy who finds a fallen baby star, and must return it to its parents in the sky.   

Studio Project
Stellar Rescue was completed as part of Studio Module PR5001, a collaborative module in which second-year animation students work together on short film projects, simulating as closely as possible the workings of a real animation studio.


Supervising Tutor
Stellar Rescue colour keys

"Stellar Rescue" was overseen by supervising tutor Amedeo Beretta, an industry veteran and tutor at Escape Studios.

Stellar Rescue wins Best Director (Super Short Film) at AFA
Festival Success
Stellar Rescue has won many festival awards:

Stellar Rescue at The Rookies

Thanks to our Industry Friends
Many thanks to our industry friends for their feedback and support.  Oscar-shortlisted director Simone Giampaolo and Shelley Page from Locksmith Animation both provided invaluable critique and support throughout the project.

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