Saturday, 10 September 2022

"Giles & Rupert" Wins Best Trailer at Art Film Awards

Best Trailer at the Art Film Awards
Congratulations to the makers of Giles and Rupert's Prehistoric Predicament, which has won its third festival award - Best Trailer at the Art Film Awards.

Giles and Rupert's Prehistoric Predicament is a teaser/trailer for an original animated TV series created at Escape Studios by director Toby Haslam and producers Samia Chowdhury and Georgia Baird.  Giles and Rupert are Victorian inventors whose time machine invention goes horribly wrong - creating a world of Jurassic trouble. 


Giles and Rupert's Prehistoric Predicament
Giles and Rupert's Prehistoric Predicament was originally created as part of CR4002 and PR4001, two first year modules in which students first create an original idea for a TV series, and then turn it into an animatic - a filmed version of the storyboard. 

Collaboration with MA Students
Later, director Toby Haslam collaborated with our short course and master's degree animation students to complete the trailer, with oversight from animation tutor Lee Caller.

Giles and Rupert's Prehistoric Predicament was edited in Premiere, Animated in Maya and rendered in Arnold.

Giles and Rupert's Prehistoric Predicament 

Below you can see the animatic - the original filmed version of the storyboard.

Festival Success
Giles and Rupert's Prehistoric Predicament's 
has also won:

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