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What's in the 3rd Year at Escape Studios?

3rd year at Escape Studios - what's inside?
What's in the 3rd Year of undergraduate studies at Escape Studios? The third year at Escape is where our animation students take everything they have learned in their first two years of undergraduate study, and apply it to the business of creating professional-quality work.

The 3rd year, also called "Level 6", is where students develop a portfolio of work that will enable them to start their careers in industry, and also gain enough experience on group projects to work effectively in teams, to tight deadlines.

Adam & Eve Mk II
Three Modules
The third year (Level 6) has three "long skinny" modules running all year long, worth a total of 120 credits.

The Principal tutor for the third year is Michael Davies, a very experienced 3D generalist who rigged Smaug for The Hobbit and The Minions for Illumination.  Michael's broad range of 3D skills allows him to offer technical support student films, creating original content, and filling any gaps in the students' skillset.

1. CR6001 – Specialism (30 Credits) 
The Specialism module allows students to explore a subject specialism of their own choice. This could be character or creature animation, or even a related discipline such as storyboarding or character design. This module allows students to push their creative skills and explore a wide range of creative choices.  This module builds up to the creation of a portfolio of work, such as Aaron Hopwood's demo reel below.

2. PR6001 – Studio Project (60 Credits) (this module includes 3 assessed projects)
The Studio Project Module PR6001 is where students collaborate to work together to a brief, designed as closely as possible to simulate working on a live client project. PR6001 is broken up into two or three projects, giving students the chance to practice digital film-making two to three times in a short space of time. This allows our animators to learn from their mistakes and develop much more sophisticated work.

Studio Project 1: VFX project. In this group project, animation students work alongside VFX students, both 3D and 2D, to create professional-quality 3D animation, such as the short film Jerich0 below, which has won many awards, and was even short-listed for a student BAFTA.

Jericho - VFX Short Film from Matthew Wight on Vimeo.
Studio Project 2: Unreal Engine project. In this group project, animation students work alongside games students to create professional-quality game animation, learning the Unreal Engine pipeline. In 2019 the animation students combined forces on one large group project: "Minuet", a 4 1/2 minute short film which is easily our most ambitious project to date.

Minuet - Final year animated short film - Escape Studios from Aaron Hopwood on Vimeo.

    Jerich0 - multiple award winner
    To see more about the Studio Project PR6001, read this blog post.
    3. PS6003 – Professional Practice (30 Credits)
    Professional practice is where students engage with the professional side of our industry. This includes preparing a CV, perfecting a demo reel, hosting a blog, website and LinkedIn page - and being easy to find and hire. Professional Practice is, therefore, all about employability and getting ready for the workplace.

    Home Sweet Home - multiple award winner
    Total: 120 Credits

    The final year at Escape Studios focused on self-study, with students working together in teams to create original content, industry-quality work, to formal deadlines. The final year is supported by specialist tutors where needed, and learning resources are also available online. The overall goal is to produce beautiful work, and prepare our students for their career in industry.

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