Friday, 15 November 2019

Aaron Hopwood Animates Edgar The Dragon

Many congratulations to Escapee Aaron Hopwood, who worked on this year's John Lewis commercial, as a VFX artist and animator. Aaron is an animator at Untold Studios, one of London's newest VFX houses; he did the previs animation, and also animated a number of shots of Edgar the Dragon and the Snowman.

Aaron graduated from Escape Studios with a first-class degree in  the Art of 3D animation this summer, having led a number of successful animation projects during his time at Escape Studios. 
Aaron Hopwood

Untold are a new studio formed in 2018 by a number of former executives at London VFX house The Mill, who left and set up their own independent creative studio, focusing on advertising, entertainment and technology.

After graduating from Escape Studios, Aaron set in his CV and demo reel to Untold, and then secured a follow-up interview.

In his final year at Escape Studios, Aaron was the animation lead on Jericho, a short film about a lonely robot searching for friendship.  Jericho won Best Animation at the Melrose Film Festival in Orlando, Florida, was shortlisted for a student BAFTA, and won Best Animation and Best VFX at the 2019 Nexus Film Festival. It also won an award in the 2019 Zero Budget Film Festival. 

Aaron co-directed "Minuet"
Aaron also co-directed the short film Minuet, which is our most ambitious short film to date.  Overseen by third year animation tutor Michael Davies, and directed by Aaron Hopwood and Harry Pearson, the project was animated in Maya, and rendered in Unreal Engine.

Minuet was developed from a pitch by Harry Pearson, and was completed as part of our third year undergraduate animation students' final year Studio Project, in which students collaborate to work together as a team.

Minuet won awards for Best Animation in the 2019 Zero Budget Film Festival and Best Animation in the Golden Nugget International Film Festival

Untold Studios
Untold Studios is a new independent creative studio formed in 2018, and working across advertising, entertainment and technology. It is led by chief executive Darren O’Kelly, former chief operating officer at The Mill, as well as a number of other key figures formerly at The Mill.

Animating dragons 
While at Escape Studios Aaron did a number of excellent shots of dragon animation, including this one below.

Aaron Hopwood  Demo Reel
To see more of Aaron's work, watch his animation demo reel below.

Aaron Hopwood - Character animation Demo-reel from Aaron Hopwood on Vimeo.

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