Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Introducing "Draw"

Escape Studios proudly presents "Draw", a short film directed by third year animation student Martin Kamminga, and completed as part of the third year animation Module PR6001, a Studio Project worth 60 Credits.

In this module our animation and VFX students join forces to produce a visual effects (VFX) project, with three months to take the project from initial pitch to final render.

Draw was produced by Conway Dobbs, and the lead animator was Maciej Osuch - who in 2019 directed the award-winning short Golden Acorn.  The 3D VFX Lead was Jake Newton and the 2D VFX Lead was Christopher Fernandes.

Draw is currently being entered into film festivals, and we wish Martin and his team every success.

A scene from "Draw"
About "Draw"
Draw is a short film about a game of chess, in which we go beyond the inanimate objects that make up the game and see the combat beneath the surface.

Studio Project
Working with a team of ten students from both the VFX and animation departments, this collaborative short was filmed on location in London, with animation and VFX all completed at Escape Studios.  The live action plates were scanned and tracked, and were completed with digital animation in Maya, composited and rendered in Arnold.

Director Martin Kamminga
Martin Kamminga, originally from The Netherlands, is an undergraduate student at Escape Studios in London, studying the Art of Visual Effects. This is his first film.

Director - Martin Kamminga
Producer - Conway Dobbs
Head of Animation - Maciej Osuch
Director of Photography - Clement Gharini
3D VFX Lead - Jake Newton
2D VFX Lead - Christopher Fernandes
Animators - Maciej Osuch, Conway Dobbs, Malvina Hedenberg
3D VFX - Martin Kamminga, Will Lum, Marlon Neshava
Producer Conway Dobbs
2D VFX - Christopher Fernandes, Pierrick Hausler, Elliot Ilsley, Jake Hibbert
Matchmove - Christopher Fernandes, Marlon Neshava, Pierrick Hausler, Elliot Ilsley
Lighting and Texturing - Martin Kamminga

Project supervisors
The VFX project is overseen by our 3rd year tutors:
Draw at IMDB
You can find Draw at the IMDB here.

2019 VFX Projects
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Draw was created as part of the 3rd year VFX project at Escape Studios. To see more about the third year of animation studies at Escape Studios, follow this link.

Draw at IMDB
You can find Draw at the IMDB here.

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