Wednesday 1 January 2020

Introducing "Offcut"

Escape Studios proudly presents "Offcut", a short film directed by third year animation student Petroc Menuhin, produced by Tosin Ogunleye and Ethen Dent, and completed as part of the third year animation Module PR6001,  a Studio Project worth 60 Credits.  In this module our animation and VFX students join forces to produce a visual effects (VFX) project, with three months to take the project from initial pitch to final render. 

Offcut Title
Offcut is a musical odyssey set inside a luthier's workshop. The story follows the adventures of a discarded scrap of wood, who comes to life and finds meaning in music.

Working with a team of ten students from VFX and animation departments, this collaborative short was filmed on location at a luthier's workshop in Camden Town.  The live action plates were then scanned and tracked, and were completed with digital animation in Maya, composited and rendered in Arnold.

Petroc Menuhin
Petroc Menuhin has a classical music background, and brings his own unique voice to this animated short. This is his first film.

Petroc Menuhin
Written, Directed and Edited by Petroc Menuhin
Producer: Tosin Ogunleye
Co-Producer: Ethen Dent
Offline Editor: Tosin Ogunleye
Music and Sound Design: Petroc Menuhin
Cinematography: Clement Gharini
Camera Operators: James Pratt, Oscar Lowe
Lead Animator: Daniel Lotter
Animators: Kacper Fratczak, Cuchulan O'Byrne, Petroc Menuhi
Lead 3D Artist: Oscar Lowe
3D Artists: Cian Ataie
Matchmovers: Ethen Dent, James Pratt
Lead Compositor: James Pratt
Compositors: Harry Havens, Milan Grundza, Tosin Ogunleye

Project supervisors
The VFX project is overseen by our 3rd year tutors:
  • Davi Stein, Head of 2D at Escape Studios
  • Michael Davies, Animation Tutor and UG program leader
  • Jonathan McFall, 3rd year VFX Tutor and UG program leader

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Offcut at IMDB
You can find Offcut at the IMDB here.

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