Monday, 18 July 2022

Post-Mortem Wins Best VFX in Tokyo Film Festival

Post Mortem wins Best VFX in Tokyo
Congratulations to the makers of "Post Mortem", the VFX short produced at Escape Studios, which has won Best VFX at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Post Mortem was directed by Toby Haslam and Ridma Suriyagoda, and produced by Aidan Callaghan.  

Post Mortem takes place in a futuristic secure facility, where a surgeon performs an autopsy on a mysterious patient. 

This is Post Mortem's first festival award.

Post Mortem 
You can watch Post Mortem below:

Post Mortem 
Post Mortem was created as part of a third-year VFX project by our students studying the Art of VFX.  The film was directed by Toby Haslam and Ridma Suriyagoda, and produced by Aidan Callaghan.   

Post Mortem is set in a secure facility, where a surgeon performs an autopsy on a mysterious patient.  As we travel through the operating theatre, we realise the patient is rather less human than it first appeared.

Third Year Group Project
Group project work at Escape Studios aims to reproduce as closely as possible the real-world experience of working in a VFX studio.

"Post Mortem" Credits
Post-Mortem team
Post Mortem was completed by a team of Eleven VFX artists, working together to create a short film.  

You can find Post Mortem at the IMDB here.

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