Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Maria Robertson Animation Intern at The Mill

The Mill
Many congratulations to 2nd year animator Maria Robertson, who has just started a summer internship animating at London VFX and animation powerhouse The Mill on Monday 18th June.

Maria is interning at the Mill for 12 weeks over the summer, working on live client briefs and honing her skills as an animator.

Maria is part of our first cohort of undergraduate animation students who started at Escape Studios in September 2016, and will graduate next summer - our first graduating class.  Summer internships are something we strongly encourage at Escape Studios; they are a great way to explore what it is like to actually work in industry, and apply the skills learned at Uni.  Theory is one thing; practice is another.

To see some of Maria's excellent animation, watch her demo reel below. Note how clearly Maria sets out her contact details at the start - email address and phone number are clearly stated, making her easy to contact.  Also note how Maria has used AfterEffects to embed the reference elements, such as live action footage, into her shots.  She has created a kind of animation "progress reel", showing how she got to the finish line with her scenes. This is very useful information for any animation supervisor making hiring decisions - because it shows clearly not just how good an animator Maria is, but how she gets her results.

Maria Robertson - Spring 2018 Demo Reel from Maria Robertson on Vimeo.

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