Saturday 25 November 2023

Using Cadmium AI to Colour 2D Animation

Cadmium App
Artificial intelligence offers new ways to speed up the animation pipeline and boost the productivity of animators. One new breakthrough comes from the Cadmium App, a new tool which automates the process of colouring 2D animation.

Cadmium is a creative tool for hand drawn animation. Using machine intelligence, animators can now colour their entire animation sequence from just a few keyframes.

Colouring Traditional Animation
Traditionally, 2D Animation was hand-coloured in the "Trace and Paint" Department, which gave way to digital colour techniques in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  However, even with digital colour tools, individual frames still had to be coloured individually - a laborious and painstaking process.  

Cadmium App offers a new way to speed this process up, by automating the colouring of individual frames, saving a huge amount of time and effort in the animation process. 

More About AI at Escape Studios
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