Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Rogue Trooper: The Quartz Massacre

Congratulations to all our students and Escapees who successfully collaborated on this awesome short fan-film "The Quartz Massacre", based on the 1980s comic series Rogue Trooper from the stable of 2000AD. The film is a great example of students and graduates of Escape Studios working together on a successful group project, honing their skills and learning how VFX projects get put together. Congratulations to them all on a highly successful outcome.
Rogue Trooper
What's this all about?
Rogue Trooper: The Quartz Massacre

Souther and Nordland forces have been locked in war for decades on Nu-Earth. The war has turned this planet toxic. Genetic Infantrymen designed to survive the poisonous atmosphere are deployed in a surprise offensive. The plan is leaked. The Nort Kashan Legion are prepared and waiting for the attack. The GI's don't stand a chance. They are ambushed in the Quartz Zone and are massacred.


Matte Painting
Lorenzo Maniccia and Adrian Sanchez

3d Elements
Shane Sumner, Malc Kelley, Marta Errera

Sofia Morais Caldeira and Toshko

Tom Phipps, Jonathan Atkins, Tim Blackmore, Leire Lizarraga Sanz, Ho Tsz Lam, Brian Kwok, Amy Jordan Smith, Nic Hawkins, James Eatock, Jerom Root, Nunzia Lombardo, and Yudai Kato

Produced by Margarita Villegas

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