Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Order of Quadrivium - VR Escape Room

There is so much excellent work coming out the undergraduate games course at Escape Studios that it's hard to keep up.  We have had many entries to The Rookies this year, and one of the most imaginative is The Order of Quadrivium; a VR Escape Room created by our third year undergraduate games artists.

Order of Quadrivium
The project was completed in the third year of studies at Escape Studios, all the students are studying the Art of Video Games.

The project was mentored by Framestore's Michael Cable, Technical Director, and Karl Woolley, Head of VR Studio.

The module was 8 weeks long and the students formed themselves into teams of 6.

The brief was to make an interactive, escape room environment, with a strong theme and diegetic elements. The creators of Order of Quadrivium decided to make a Victorian observatory with astrological elements.

The Order of Quadrivium
Benjamin H. Fox is dead, and the complex lock that he designed has trapped you inside his workshop. You must explore his mysterious Victorian observatory and search for the pieces of a puzzle hidden deep inside the. Accomplish his work and go on a journey that he could not make himself.

Full list of credits
Wiktoria Skrobarczyk - Lead Artist, Producer, Prop/Environment Artist, Level Designer
Catarina Da Silva - Lighting Artist, Producer, Technical, Prop/Environment Artist
Hattie Parris - Prop/Environment Artist, Level Designer
Daniel Hackman - Prop/Environment Artist, Material Artist
Will Foster - Prop/Environment Artist, Technical, Audio
Makeiba Sealy-Palmer - Prop/Environment Artist, Material Artist

The Rookies

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