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Toonboom Harmony is Back 22nd November 2022

Our 2D Animation part-time online evening class in Toonboom Harmony returns to Escape Studios on Tuesday 22nd Nov 2022.

Learn the fundamentals of 2D animation over 10 weeks, one evening a week using Toonboom Harmony, one of the leading software packages for the creation of 2D animation.

In recent years 2D animation has experienced a significant revival, both in the UK and overseas, as Studios such as Blue ZooAardman Animation, and Brown Bag Films adopt the software.

2D Animation at Escape Studios
To see our latest 2D Animation reel, watch the video below:

2D Animation Revival
Artwork by Blue ZToonboom Harmony
2D Animation is experiencing a big comeback, with many 2D productions being animated in the UK.

In particular, Blue Zoo, Aardman Animation, and Brown Bag Films in Manchester all use Toonboom Harmony as their principal 2D animation platform.

Flexible Software
Toonboom Harmony is a very flexible software package, that allows the user to combined 2D rigged puppet-style animation with the ability to add hand-draw elements in the traditional way. 

Animation Basics
The course will cover the basics of locomotion and mechanics in animation, and also 2D rigging, and aims to get students familiar with the software, to enable them to apply for the many studios in the UK and overseas that are embracing this software package.  No prior knowledge of the software is required.

Online Evening Class
Animation with Toonboom Harmony is an online class. Students will attend an evening class one night a week, and will be set projects to do in-class, as well as project work to do between classes.  You will also have the opportunity to develop your portfolio or demo reel.

Tutor - Iliana Franklin
The Harmony class is taught by Iliana Franklin, a veteran animator and storyboard artist who has worked in the animation industry for over 30 years.  Iliana's feature credits include The Tale of Desperaux, A Monkey’s Tale (1999) and The Princess and the Pea (2002).  Iliana also runs her own production company Mediaframe, a UK based creative consultancy, specializing in content development and production for illustrative, interactive and screen based media.

Toonboom Harmony licenses
Toonboom have agreed an exclusive arrangement for Escape students - an extended period over and above the usual trial period for a Harmony license.  This means that our students can download the software and practice at home what they have learned in class over the full period of the course.

Jobs for 2D Animators
2D Animation is experiencing a big revival, with many productions  being animated right here in London. Blue Zoo in particular has been recruiting junior animators with Harmony experience.  We also have had invaluable support from London's Karrot Animation, who have provided us with character rigs for use in the course.

Course outline
Toonboom Harmony Class at Escape Studios
Week 1 - User interface & setup
Week 2 - Animation basics – the Bouncing Ball
Week 3 - Rigging basics 1
Week 4 - Rigging basics 2
Week 5 - Locomotion cycles
Week 6 - Advanced locomotion
Week 7 - Final project – planning
Week 8 - Develop final project
Week 9 - Submit final project
(industry brief)
Week 10 - Demo Reel

Where and When
Tuesday 22nd Nov 2022
Mode of study: Part time
Programme duration: 10 weeks

Official page
To sign up, follow this link

Free Toonboom Harmony License and Online resources
In the meantime, check out some of the online Harmony resources available here.  Toonboom have released a free home version of their software for student use, initially for 30 days.

Birds Connect Our World
Finally, to see what kind of animation can be done in Harmony, watch the short film "Birds Connect Our World" created by Escapee Lilian Fu, who took our evening class last year.

Toonboom Harmony Resources at Escape Studios

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