Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Introducing "Birds Connect Our World"

We're proud to present the short film "Birds Connect Our World", written, directed and animated by Escapee Wing Lan Lilian Fu.  Lilian took our evening class in animation in ToonBoom Harmony, taught by Plamen Ananiev, and she applied her new skills to make this short film, commissioned by the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP).  The film, which was made entirely under the Corona Lockdown, tackles the challenges faced by migratory birds in Asia, and what can be done to protect them and their natural habitats.

Still image from "Birds Connect Our World"
About "Birds Connect Our World"
Every year millions of migratory birds are killed traveling to and from their mating and feeding grounds.

We need to act now in order to save this precious natural resource before it vanishes for good.

The film was created to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, which takes place twice a year on 9 May and also on 10 October.

Lilian Fu
Visual Effects were provided by our very own Head of Compositing, Allar Kaasik.

The film is currently being entered into festivals, and we wish Lilian and her team every success. You can find "Birds Connect Our World" here at the IMDB.

About Wing Lan Lilian Fu
Wing Lan Lilian Fu is a graduate of the NFTS, and studied animation at Escape studios.  She is also an associate lecturer in animation at the University of Surrey.  You can find Lilian at the IMDB here.

About the EAAFP
East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership was launched in 2006 and aims to protect migratory waterbirds, their habitat and the livelihoods of people dependent upon them.

There are currently 37 Partners including 18 countries, six intergovernmental agencies, 12 international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and one international private enterprise.

The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To find out more about our next evening class in Toonboom Harmony, follow this link.   

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