Sunday, 6 December 2020

Hat Shop Wins Best Super Short at UK Fest

"Hat Shop": "Best Super Short"
Congratulations to the makers of "Hat Shop", which has won "Best Super Short" at the UK Monthly Film Festival

"Hat Shop" is a short film set in a futuristic robot world, written and directed by Stevie Stedman, produced by Jess Hiles, animation directed by Ross Green.  

This the fourth award for Hat Shopwhich recently won "Best Animation" and "Best Sci-Fi" at the Flicks Film Festival, and "Most Awesome Animation" at the International Student Animafantasia Film Festival. 

Group Project Work
Like "Moon Rockz" "Street Ratz" and "Animal Lover", the film was a collaboration between students on our Master's Degree in Storyboarding & Previsualisation and undergraduate students studying the Art of Computer Animation .

The final film was completed as part of Studio Module PR5001, a collaborative module in which students work together on short film projects, simulating as closely as possible the workings of a real animation studio.

Hat Shop Pitch
Hat Shop was written and storyboarded by Stevie Stedman, and the boards were pitched to the animators in the form of a storyboard animatic. The storyboard was a necessary first step to selling the project internally - did the animators want to work on it? 

Taking on a film project is a big commitment of time and effort. As in any studio, a storyboard animatic is the best way to test the strength of the material and see how it plays.

Hat Shop - Final Film

Still image from "Hat Shop"
"Hat Shop" was animated in Maya, rendered in Unreal Engine, and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. It took the team of six student six weeks to complete.

"Hat Shop" was completed entirely from home, under Lockdown. Our students had to learn how to collaborate remotely, animating and rendering their shots, relying on their own home resources.

Hat Shop at the Rookies and at the IMDB
You can find "Hat Shop" at The Rookies here, and at the IMDB here.


Festival Success
This the festival fourth award for Hat Shopwhich recently won 

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