Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Francesco Nevi Creature FX TD at Mill Film

Francesco Nevi
Many congratulations to Francesco Nevi, who has been appointed Creature FX TD at Mill Film in London, one of the UK's leading VFX houses.

Francesco took our 12 week animation short course and, after polishing his demo reel, successfully won a place on Framestore's LaunchPad Pro Creature FX course (CFX).

Creature FX animators are consistently in short supply and this has been an area of skills shortage in the UK for some time.

You can see some of the excellent creature animation that Francesco did at Escape Studios in the video above. 

Creature FX TDs work alongside keyframe animators to create fur and muscle simulations, making sure that the animation reaches photo-realistic levels of believability.

We're delighted to congratulate Francesco on entering an exciting and growing part of the computer animation pipeline.

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