Thursday, 1 August 2019

Matt Wight Paint & Roto Artist at Framestore

Matt Wight
Many congratulations to Escapee Matt Wight, who has recently found work as a Paint & Roto Artist at London VFX powerhouse Framestore.

Matt is a visual effects artist who, among his many accomplishments at Escape Studios, produced the award-winning short film "Jericho" which was shortlisted for a student BAFTA, was Highly Commended at the Rookies, and has made the official selection for many short festivals around the world.

Jerich0 was a collaboration between visual effects artists and animation students at Escape Studios, working together to produce industry-quality work.

Matt's success is a fine example of what we call the Escape Method; intensive personal tuition in a feedback-rich environment, followed by group project work simulating the environment of a VFX animation studio.

Vivi Ossa from piraveen satkunam on Vimeo.

Vivi Ossa
Matt also produced the excellent short film "Vivi Ossa" (Latin for "living bones"),  a film about a museum visitor who brings ancient bones to life through the power of music.

It's a very short film - less than one minute long - but as you watch it, note that the entire environment is digital; the students created the museum and all the objects inside it from scratch.

Vivi Ossa brought together many craft disciplines, including CG, compositing, roto, prep, keying, integrating a live action character into a digital set and, of course, animation.

You can watch Vivi Ossa in full here at Vimeo.

You can see Vivi Ossa's IMDB page here.

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