Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Jericho Shortlisted for Student BAFTA Award

Many congratulations to the makers of the short film Jericho, completed early this year by our third year undergraduate students, which has been shortlisted for the student BAFTA awards.

Jericho is a short film about a lonely robot searching for a friend.  The student BAFTA awards take place every year in Los Angeles, hosted by the Los Angeles chapter of BAFTA.

BAFTA Student Film Awards
The BAFTA Student Film Awards are an annual event celebrating the works of the next generation of talented and innovative filmmakers from around the globe.

BAFTA ask film schools from around the world to submit their best work.  Members of BAFTA then review the submissions and select the best films over the course of three rounds of voting.

Over 150 BAFTA members participate in the selection process to choose the 20 best short films in the categories of Live Action, Animation, and Documentary. The filmmakers involved are invited to special events in London, New York, and Los Angeles, and are invited to join the BAFTA Alumni Program - a new talent development group which provides access to bespoke events throughout the year.

The Finals
Three finalists will be chosen from the shortlist in each category, following 3 further rounds of voting by BAFTA members.

Once chosen, all of the finalists are flown into Los Angeles for the ceremony, to meet BAFTA members, the industry, the public, and the film school community of Los Angeles to attend for an evening of live screenings of the finalists' films, a live vote from BAFTA members, and an awards ceremony. Four awards are presented:
  • Live Action
  • Animation - presented by LAIKA
  • Documentary
  • Special Jury Prize

Congratulations to the makers of Jericho for making the BAFTA shortlist, and we wish them every success in the race to the finals. 
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