Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Escape Studios Module Descriptors Online

One of the most common questions asked by undergraduate students is "What's in the next module?". Many of our students aren't aware that all the module descriptors for our courses can be found online, giving everyone access to exactly what's in the course, for all three (or four, if you're doing the MArt) years of study at Escape Studios. To find the Module Descriptors, and get familiar with some of the course detail, follow this link:

Module Descriptors
The module descriptors below outline key information for each module including level and credit information, and whether that module is compulsory - or an elective. You will also find a brief outline of the module content to give you a better understanding of the subject matter and some detail on how each module is assessed.

The module descriptors won't, of course, give you all the detail you need about what's actually in the course, because much of the detail ends up being determined and shaped by the individual tutors. However, read the module descriptors and you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

To find the Module Descriptors, follow this link.


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