Thursday, 9 March 2017

Kevin Richards Animator at Cloth Cat

Congratulations to Escapee Kevin Richards who has just started a new job as an animator with Cloth Cat animation in Cardiff.  Kevin is a traditional animator who took our three-month intensive animation course last summer, to convert his 2D skills to digital 3D animation in Maya.  Kevin worked hard on his demo reel (see above), coming in to Escape Studios regularly and taking advantage of the equipment, software and studio assistant support to make him job-ready, even after the formal teaching part of the course was over.

Cloth Cat is a Cardiff-based studio which describes itself as "the largest animation production company in Wales".

They are probably best known for their work on the superb Ethel & Ernest, the 2016 theatrical release based on the autobiographical book by comics giant Raymond Briggs, but they are also moving into 3D animated TV series as well as traditional 2D work.

Kevin Richards
Kevin is working on a new animated TV Series at Cloth Cat, applying the skills he learned at Escape: "I am test-driving the main character rig, so I'm doing dozens of walk cycles. All the lessons I learned at Escape Studios are coming into play - especially, most crucially, the ordered approach [to animating]."

We congratulate Kevin on his new job, and on successfully relaunching his animation career.

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