Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Free Music for Film-Makers from Mobygratis

As our second year animation students put the finishing touches on their film projects, it's important to remember the importance of sound design - audio is fifty percent of the audience's experience. Fortunately for our students, there are many free (and royalty-free) resources out there to help with student film projects. One newcomer is the musician Moby, whose website is an excellent free resource for independent film-makers.  Moby has released many free tracks for use in independent film projects, including student demo reels. 

Free Music from Moby
Moby has made a selection of over 200 tracks, some unreleased, some from his back catalogue and other new releases, available to licence for free via a simple online application system.

Moby Catalogue
To begin just browse the catalog. Once you have found the right piece just click the download icon and fill in a simple application telling Moby a bit about yourself and the way you are using the music.

You will receive a high quality AIFF download via email instantly to use in your edit, along with a copy of the mobygratis Non Commercial Licence Agreement.

Non-Commercial License
Music from Moby's catalogue is free. If at some point you make money from your film, the money must be donated to a variety of animal rights charities.

Music and Sound Design
To see more about music and sound design in animation, follow these links:
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