Monday, 20 January 2020

Laura Knight Animator at Jellyfish Pictures

Laura Knight
Many congratulations to Escapee Laura Knight who has started a new job as an animator at Jellyfish Pictures, one of London's leading animation houses.

Laura took our MA in 3D Animation and worked hard on polishing her demo reel (see below) to land the new job.

Laura joins Escapees Henry Fenwick and Rory Marchant who also found work as animators at Jellyfish after graduating from Escape Studios.

Laura's new job is "Animation Fixer" at Jellyfish Pictures, an entry-level animation position just below junior animator.  Laura will be tweaking and/or cleaning up existing shots, and also potentially animating new shots of her own.

Demo reel
You can see Laura's demo reel below, developed here at Escape Studios on the Master's Degree in 3D Animation.

Animation_Showreel from Laura Knight on Vimeo.

Linkedin Profile
Laura's application to Jellyfish was helped by her excellent Linkedin profile, stylish and well designed, with links to both her website and her demo reel.

Note that Laura's profile states that she is a "3D Animator Available for Work" - an important message to send to animation recruiters. 

To see why a well curated LinkedIn profile is important for animators, read this blog post

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