Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Introducing "Reece" the Cleanup Bot

Many congratulations to the makers of "Reece", a short film made by our undergraduate students earlier this year in the course of their VFX project, a studio project combining the talents of the animation and VFX students in their 3rd year of studies. Directed by Stephen Mealand and produced by Jack Wright, Reece is the story of a cleanup robot who gets carried away with his task.

PR6001 - Studio Project
Reece was completed as part of the VFX Studio Project, part of the 3rd year of studies at Escape Studios, in which students collaborate to produce a short film of professional quality. The Module code is PR6001, and the project is worth 60 Credits. The film took 3 months to complete.

Festival success
Reece has made the official selection for a number of international festivals, including The Lift-Off SessionsFilmFest Altenburg, and Mostra Espantomania. It also has its own listing at the IMDB.

Cast and Crew
Directed and Edited by Stephen Mealand
Produced by Jack Wright
Story by Madgalena Zabecka 
Cinematography by Clement Gharini 
Starring Adam Scrivener.

Martina Gnigl, Nichole Gonzalez, Stephen Mealand, Adam Scrivener.

3D Artists
Shanae Bedford, Artenis Rruka, Madgalena Zabecka and Alex Budulan.

Asad Panjwani, Davi Stein, Jack Wright 

Special Thanks
Michael Davies, Ash Ellis, Tendai Mande
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