Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Why Animators Should Be the Rhino

Durer's Rhino
Animators need thick hide - rhinoceros hide -  because applying for work in the animation industry can be daunting.

Even though the animation industry is booming, and there are many opportunities, searching for work can be a dispiriting process.

Once upon a time you'd get a rejection letter; nowadays the most common outcome is silence - just being (and feeling) ignored.

But it remains true that the success in our industry doesn't necessarily go to the most talented - it goes to the most determined.

Escapee Jamie Floodgate - 2nd time lucky
Apply often
Applying for jobs is a numbers game. Students need to apply for many animation jobs, and keep applying for them, even if you get rejected.

Try not to take it personally (it isn't personal), and remember you can always ask the company for feedback - why didn't you get the job? Most likely it's because your demo reel wasn't quite what they are looking for, or they don't actually need someone with your skillset right now.

So, ask the company what they are looking for, and then start working on improving that skillset,  and find out when they might be hiring again.

Rejection is normal
If you get rejected, you shouldn't feel bad.  Persistence does pay off, especially if you keep working on your reel and build up a solid body of skilled work.  Sooner or later, an employer will give you your first break.

Consider the example of Escapee Jamie Floodgate - who had to apply twice to Blue Zoo before getting hired. Jamie was rejected, but kept working on his reel, completed a strong entry for the 11 Second Club, and got in to Blue Zoo the second time around.

Ask for information
Don't forget you can always ask why you didn't get the job. Do this in a positive way: "how can I improve my application so as to do better next time?" will likely go down well with most employers, who are usually happy to give feedback if it is requested.

Apply a second time
Being rejected doesn't mean you can't apply a second time to the same company.  When I worked at Disney in the 1990s, it used to be said by the old hands at the company that all applications were rejected the first time around - just to see if the applicant really, really, wanted the job badly enough.

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