Thursday, 8 August 2019

Jamie Floodgate Animator at Blue Zoo

Jamie Floodgate
Many congratulations to Escapee Jamie Floodgate, who has recently landed a position as a junior animator at London animation powerhouse Blue Zoo.

Jamie applied to Blue Zoo on the strength of his animation demo reel which he put together after taking our 12 week animation course at Escape Studios.

Jamie wasn't initially successful applying to Blue Zoo, and at first he was turned down.  Undaunted, he continued to polish his animation skills, working on an entry to the 11 Second Club monthly competition.  The second time around, everything fell into place.

As Jamie put it himself:
"Maybe this could be some motivation to pass on to your students; Blue Zoo told me why they’d rejected my [initial] internship application and then, shortly afterwards, they brought me in for an interview - for a position as a junior animator. What made the difference? It was my latest 11 Second Club acting shot. They told me that when they saw that - they could see that I was ready."

Jamie also used the power of LinkedIn to build connections with the animation industry, host a link to his demo reel, and make it clear to recruiters that he was available for work.

To see more on why animators should be in LinkedIn, read this blog post.

Rejection is normal
Jamie's story reminds me of working at Disney in the 1990s. The old hands would say that newbie animators who applied to Disney for the first time would always get rejected, no matter how talented they were.  The reasoning behind this apparently cruel approach was that they wanted to weed out the candidates who lacked the grit and determination to apply a second time, and even a third. 

To see why animators should not be put off by rejection, read this post on why animators should be the rhino.

Jamie will be working on Blue Zoo's latest TV series Paddington Bear.

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