Friday, 22 March 2019

Steve Henderson, Our MA External Examiner

Steve Henderson
Meet Steve Henderson, our External Examiner for our Master's Degree in 3D animation at Escape Studios.  External examiners play an important part of quality control in UK higher education, ensuring that our courses meet the highest standards, and the grades awarded are correct and appropriate.

We're honoured to have Steve onboard; he is co-owner and Editor of Skwigly Online Animation Magazine, an excellent resource for the animation industry.

Steve is also director of the Manchester Animation Festival, one of the UK's largest animation festivals (and possibly the biggest), which takes place in November each year.

Steve also regularly hosts exhibitions, events and discussions on animation at film festivals and screenings and sits on the jury of a number of animation awards and competitions.

Academic credentials
Steve has a PhD from Loughborough University on the subject of UK animation production. He also lectures in animation at Leeds College of Art and Manchester Metropolitan University

The role of an external examiner
External examiners ensure that standards are consistent across the animation sector. They check our grades, making sure we're awarding marks appropriately, and that our standards are consistent with other universities and colleges in the UK.

For our MA students, this involves double-checking our marks, to make sure that both first and second marking (we second-mark all the results internally) has been carried out fairly, in accordance with the regulations of Kent University, who award our degrees. 

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