Thursday, 8 February 2018

Steve Lall Teaches MoCap at Escape

Our Second year animation students welcomed another guest tutor last week, and this time it was our very own Studio Assistant Steven Lall.

Steve was teaching the class about Motion Capture, now often known as Performance Capture.

MoCap is a growing part of the animation industry and something our students need to be able to work with effectively in order to graduate with a more diverse and technically up-to-date demo reel.

Above is a lovely motion capture piece by Steve, completed on last year's animation short course. It's a very skilled piece of work, carefully cleaning up the original data curves but, at the same time, not losing the essence of the original performance. Steve has used After Effects to create a B panel in the top right hand corner, so that potential recruiter can see for themselves the original performance, and also understand what Steve has done with it to improve it and make it come to life.

As Steve put it: “Performance Capture is a really exciting area for animators to explore. Mocap is often used in Films and Games, and although Mocap can seem like it replaces a lot of the traditional animation technique, it's a process that's fascinating and fun.”

Finally, here is some excellent cleaned-up MoCap by 2nd year animator Sebastian Kuder, completed in Steve's class.

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