Friday, 1 September 2017

How To Re-Set Your Preferences in Maya

Sometimes Maya behaves badly and the solution isn't always obvious. You've tried closing and opening the software, you've tried a reboot, you've tried a shutdown and re-start.

It may be that the solution to persistent technical problems is reset your preferences, and start Maya from scratch with a clean version of the software.

So how do you reset your preferences in Maya?

How To Reset Preferences in Maya
First of all, you need to revert to the default settings in Maya. To do this, go to Window>Settings/preferences>Preferences. Then in the top bar, select Edit>Restore Default Settings.

That Didn't Work - What Else can I Try?
Sometimes Maya will start acting badly, and often the culprit is a single preference file. 90% of the time, it can be fixed by deleting userPrefs.mel from your preferences folder. To find this, go into your directory and find the User preferences file.  Users/yourName/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2012-x64/prefs/userPrefs.mel).

Delete or re-name the preferences folder
You can also delete, or re-name, your Preferences folder, forcing Maya to automatically generate a new preferences folder when it re-starts. To find the Preferences, go to Documents/Maya/Preferences. Rather than deleting it, try re-naming as Preferences_Old.

On a Mac, your preferences folder is hidden from view. To find it, you need to find Library (also hidden). To do this go to your Finder, find the "Go" drop-down menu, and select Go to Folder. Type Library/Preferences, and you will find your Preferences folder. Now search for Autodesk and find your Maya preferences folder, and re-name the old folder Preferences_Old. Now re-start Maya.

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