Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Animation Insiders - Free eBook for Animators

Animation Insider's Ebook - free from Squeeze!
Animation students can now get a free copy of the Animation Insider's eBook, downloadable at no charge from Squeeze animation studio in Quebec.

This free digital download describes the workflow of talented animators like Mike Nguyen, Victor Navone and Jason Ryan.

It is a hugely useful resource for animation students - an insight into how experienced animators approach their work.

Created by Patrick Beaulieu, Squeeze Studio Animation’s co-founder, Animation Insiders is a great resource which we are recommending for all our students.

Every animator has his own workflow. For some, like Mike Nguyen, animation is a very intuitive, emotional process. For others, like Victor Navone, the secret is all in the planning and the thumbnailing.  But in the end, every animator finds their own way.

You can find the eBook here: http://www.squeezestudio.com/animation-insiders-ebook.html

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