Monday, 6 August 2018

Nesta Cites Animation as Top Digital Skill

Nesta - Innovation Foundation
Nesta, the innovation foundation, has produced a study of 41 million jobs, revealing the most important digital skills in today's economy.

Not all digital skills are born equal, and guess which one Nesta thinks will be the most valuable? Step up....Animation.

What's this all about?
It's all about crystal-ball gazing. What will the future hold? Where will the jobs be, and what skills will be involved? Not not all digital skills will be equally valuable in the future, so it's important to invest in the right ones. Of course, no-one can really predict the future, not even Nesta. But it's still important to make an effort to figure out what skills will be useful in the future, and which ones are part their prime. 

Who are Nesta?
Nesta is a charitable organisation based in the UK that seeks to "promote innovation across a broad range of sectors".  Nesta was originally funded by a £250 million endowment from the UK National Lottery. The endowment is now kept in trust, and Nesta uses the interest from the trust to meet its charitable objects and to fund and support its projects.

Uncertain future
By 2030 the job market will likely look dramatically different to today's market. So, what skills should graduates focus on, in order to maintain an edge? Previous Nesta research has predicted that about 10 per cent of workers are in occupations that are likely to grow as a share of the workforce and 20 per cent will shrink. As for the remaining jobs, their outlook is more uncertain. Although unsettling, this disruption needn’t be disastrous for the workforce. There is an opportunity for employees in uncertain or shrinking occupations to improve their prospects by investing in the right skills.

Five promising digital skills
  • Animation
  • Multimedia production
  • Design in engineering
  • Building and maintaining IT systems and networks
  • Research and quantitative data analysis
To see the full report
Follow this link.

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