Thursday, 12 April 2018

Trailer Project - Student Showcase

The Adventures of Little Hanzo
Recently our second year animators completed their first collaborative group project - a short teaser/trailer for an animated film, TV series, or game.

Group work is notoriously hard to manage - one of the reasons why schools and universities often avoid it - but it is very much at the heart of what we do at Escape Studios, because it's how the industry works.

Animation and VFX are rarely solo sports. Being able to work together in teams is one of the core skills our students learn at Escape Studios, and it's why we introduce group projects as early as possible in the curriculum. Scroll down to see how the projects turned out.

Assassin's Creed: Animus by Sebastian Kuder (Director, Editor, 3D layout), Katerina Zacharakis (co-Director), Adam Scrivener (Producer), Stephen Mealand (CG supervisor), Som-Ying Collins (Storyboards). The project was animated in Maya and rendered in real time in Unreal Engine.

Solus Avalon, by Maddison Gould (Producer) , Sarah Andrews (Story, Storyboards, Assistant Editor),  Daniel Dutton – (Director, Editor) and Daniel Baidoo (CG Supervisor). The project was animated in Maya and rendered in Arnold.

Little Wing, by Aaron Hopwood (Writer, Director, Editor ),  Piotr Noworyta (CG Supervisor), Maria Robertson (Producer), and Nichole Gonzalez (Storyboards). Little Wing was animated in Maya and rendered in Arnold.

The Adventures of Little Hanzo by Velvet Brandon (Producer),  Emily Lim (Concept, CG Supervisor),  Harry Pearson (Writer/Director/Editor) and Martina Baburkova (Storyboards). Little Hanzo was based on the world of Kubo and the Two Strings, animated in Maya, and rendered in Arnold. Emily Lin oversaw the modeling and rigging of the Little Hanzo character.

Congratulations to all the groups on producing such excellent work, and on successfully surviving their first proper group project - and still being friends at the end of it.

All the groups delivered on time, and they all significantly exceeded our expectations of what would be possible to achieve in just six weeks.


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