Tuesday 23 January 2018

January 2018 Character Animation Reel

Check out the latest excellent work, our January 2108 Character animation showreel, completed by our student animators at Escape Studios. As our animation department grows, so does the volume work being generated by our talented students. All of the work shown above was done by second-year undergraduate students, who are only half-way through their studies, but already demonstrating a professional level of skill in their craft.

The ident at the start of the reel was animated by Aaron Hopwood. The reel includes work done by Maria Robertson, Sebastian Kuder, Daniel Dutton, Harry Pearson, and Katarina Zacharakis.

A number of the shots were completed as a submission for the monthly 11 Second Club competition, in which 5 of our students placed in the top 20 entries. The ending ident was done by Maria Roberston, and the video was compiled and edited by Sebastian Kuder.

To see more of the superb work done our students, check out our YouTube Channel here.


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