Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Free Life Drawing With Pixelovely!

Free life drawing at
Recently a student came to one of our Applicant Days at Escape Studios with some excellent gesture drawings.  "Where did you go to life drawing classes?" I asked. "Oh, online", he replied.  His drawings were so good - I hadn't realised he hadn't actually been in front of a real model.  But nowadays you don't actually need to attend a life drawing class to draw from life (though of course it does help).  In fact, there are many sites online where you can draw figures from life - without ever leaving home.

Animation is a blend of creative and technical skills, and a good animator needs both to survive. It is true that digital animators don't need to draw with the same degree of skill as they did in the days of hand-drawn animation, but good draughtsmanship still helps a great deal, not just for design work but for storyboards, thumbnails, visual development and all the other related areas that a good animator often gets called upon to do.

We strongly recommend that our animators participate in life drawing classes. For those who can't find a local class, for whatever reason, Pixelovely offers a radical - and completely free - online solution.

It is astonishing how much online content has developed for learning the past few years - much of it free. Take advantage of it, and join the digital revolution.
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