Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Escapee Evgenia Golubeva Writer at Disney

Evgenia Golubeva
Many congratulations to Escapee Evgenia Golubeva, an award-winning animator and director who is currently working as a writer at Walt Disney Animation in London.

Evgenia studied with us on our animation short course, and has since forged a career as a writer and independent film-maker, entering her animated films in festivals around the world and winning international prizes for her work.

Evgenia starting working in January 2019 as a writer at Blue Zoo Animation, bringing her talent as an animator and storyteller to the commercial world of TV cartoons, before making the leap to Disney.

About Evgenia Golubeva
Evgenia studied animation with us at Escape Studios, taking our intensive animation short course.

Since leaving from Escape Studios, Evgenia has made a number of successful independent animated films, including the award-winning short "I am not a Mouse",  a story about a little girl called Lucy, who is nicknamed "Mouse" by her Mother.  The trouble is, every time Lucy is called 'Mouse' by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse. What is Lucy to do?

"I Want To Live in the Zoo" 
In 2018 Evgenia's short film "I Want To Live in the Zoo" was accepted into the Annecy Animation Film Festival Official Selection. Annecy is one of the world's most competitive animation festivals.

The Witch and The Baby
"The Witch and the Baby"
Most recently, her short film "The Witch & the Baby" has recently won the Audience Choice Award at the Flatpack Festival.

You can see Evgenia's impressive list of writing and directing credits at the IMDB here.

Evgenia has also expanded into books, publishing her children's book "I am not a Mouse" based on her short film.

Walt Disney TV
Disney TV has a significant presence in the UK. Based in Hammersmith in London, Disney TV develop new original content in the UK, including writing, storyboarding, character design and art direction, while animation production is generally outsourced to Asia.

Artwork by Evgenia Golubeva
To see more of Evgenia's work, including a preview of her Annecy-selected film "I Want to Live in the Zoo", follow this link to her official site.

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