Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Introducing "Hotel Aloha"

Hotel Aloha from Nickoel Izharudin on Vimeo.
Our second year animation students have recently completed the first half of Studio Module PR5001, in which they collaborate together on short film projects.  Over the past seven weeks six students created the short film "Hotel Aloha", a romantic comedy set in a beach hotel in Hawaii.  The film was animated in Maya, and rendered in Arnold, entirely from home, using home equipment, completed on time in spite of the Covid Pandemic.  The film was directed by Paloma Zhu, produced by Nickoel Izharudin, and edited by Ross Green.

Hotel Aloha
Hotel Aloha is a short film with a heart-warming message. When a hotel worker at a Hawaiian resort is dispirited by his job, his happy-go-lucky co-worker encourages him to live life to the fullest.

Pitch and Concept Trailer
The initial pitch was made by writer and director Paloma Zhu, who presented the idea back in February to the other second year animation students. "Hotel Aloha" was at that time titled "5am", and was one of three projects selected to move forwards into production.

Later, the team drew storyboards to develop the story further, and to help establish the strongest possible relationship between the two main characters.

The project was completed during the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 crisis. The team worked entirely from home, completing the project using their personal computers, with little or no IT support.

Rendering was done in Arnold, overseen by CG and Lighting Supervisor Jess Hiles on her personal computer.

Official site
You can see more about "Hotel Aloha" at the official site, and at the IMDB.

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