Friday, 17 May 2019

Escape Animators Visit Blue Zoo

3rd year animators visit Blue Zoo
This week our 3rd year undergraduate animators had a studio visit at Blue Zoo, one of London's leading animation studios.

Blue Zoo showed us their latest animation reel, and also offered an insight into some of their production processes, as well as a studio tour of their facility.

About Blue Zoo
Blue Zoo take the business of industry outreach very seriously, and have been regular guests at our VFX Festival for the many years. To find out more about what Blue Zoo do, see this post on how they stay creative.  You can also read about what the challenges are of running an animation studio, and how they put together QPootle 5, one of their animated TV Series.

What Does Blue Zoo Look for in a Demo Reel?
To find out the kind of skills that Blue Zoo are looking for from junior animators, watch the video below with Will Cook, Blue Zoo animation director.

Many thanks to the team at Blue Zoo for hosting our students.

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