Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Meet Animus!

Animus rig by Nick Miller and Lin Xiong
Meet Animus! This excellent creature rig, created by the very talented Nick Miller and Lin Xiong, is available as freeware for Maya animators.

Animus is a great rig, with a wide range of facial controls, which makes it perfect for sophisticated creature dialogue and lipsync. So, how does Animus work?

Where is the Animus Rig?
You can find Animus and download him for free here at highend3d.com

How does the Animus rig work?
To see how the rig works, start off by watching the official how-to video below:

Animus Rig from Nick Miller on Vimeo.

How do you turn on the facial controls?
To use the facial controls, go to the viewport and then select panels/facial camera. This will bring up a full facial interface which allows you to animate the facial expressions as well as dialogue and lipsync.

What about the scripts and icons that come with it?
First make sure the scripts and icons are in the correct directory. Scripts go in your Maya scripts folder.

This command opens the UI, make sure you execute in python:

import nm_animus_mirrorFace


import nm_animus_faceSym



Does the rig actually work?
It certainly does. To see the rig put through its paces, see the animation test by animator Spartan Pace below.

Like all new rigs, it's always worth spending a bit of time figuring out how the rig works before you start animating. What can the rig do? What can't it do? Every rig has its limitations, and you need to animate within those limitations. Always watch the "how to" videos - it will save you a lot of heartache down the road.

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